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Specialize in racing performance parts


Today, Tobaki Racing is one of the fastest growing and the most sought-after brand as we emphasize on meeting consumers's performance needs.


Despite TOBAKI's prestigious status, Tobaki Racing products are considerably economical for consumers to afford. For that, Tobaki Racing is a highly reputable luxury brand with affordable prices. 

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TOBAKI is a Asia Leading motorcycle parts manufacturer and innovator.


We specialize in after market replacement standard parts. TOBAKI is renowned in our high product quality & strict Quality Control (QC) and always meets customers as well as consumers's needs and demands to produce high quality parts.

Serving over 12 million motorcycles daily, Tobaki is a quality proven brand that is generally acknowledged by public.

tokahi brand.png


Established for more than 20 years, Tokahi is a classic and honorable after market motorcycles parts brand.


TOKAHI have been a very if not the most popular choice for mechanics when it comes to motorcycle servicing and repairing. TOKAHI acquired its reputation by providing high precision and long lasting spare parts to customers. 

yaguso brand.png


YAGUSO is a celebrated motorcycle bearings & spare parts provider. 


YAGUSO's biggest Focus is on our bearing and ignition switch quality and durability as they're day to day significant motorcycle parts. From the material quality to the weights, YAGUSO focus on every details and stages of our products to produce original quality product with relatively lower price. 

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